Musician Communities


Drumeo has been teaching drum students online since 2005. They’ve helped millions of drummers around the world through video lessons and interactive communities, and by working closely with many of the world’s best drummers, teachers, and clinicians to rapidly improve your drumming.

Drum Talk TV

Drum Talk TV – The HEARTBEAT of the global drumming community. Since 2013 Drum Talk TV has been bringing insightful interviews, experiences, stories, methods, techniques, advice, events and more from all around the drumming world.

Ultimate Guitar

Since 1998, Ultimate Guitar has established a community following of over 10 million registered users participating in forums, contribute tabs, lessons and articles. UG provides all of the latest music industry news, reviews and blogs about the inside scoop in the music making madhouse.

Talk Bass

Talk Bass is the worldwide hub for bassists online. Talk Bass brings you forums, classifieds, reviews and media links. With over 22 million posts over more than 20 years, that’s a whole lot of bass in one place.

Music Radar

MusicRadar is the number 1 website for music makers of all kinds, be they guitarists, drummers, keyboard players, djs or producers. Music Radar provides gear reviews, bite-sized tips to advanced work-outs and guidance from recognized musicians and stars.

Music Industry News

Based in the UK, Music Instrument News brings you the latest new product news, reviews and stories from the music business. Read news from the industry as it happens.